My Eats!

I love to cook and find most of my recipes online. While I would love to post recipes regularly, I’m a pretty messy cook and not sure I can master the art of step by step photos. So until that happens, I want to share recipes that I love to cook and eat. I’ll try to update this as I make new dishes. Everything I list here is something I’ve personally made and ingested.


Chicken and Artichokes in a White Wine Sauce
Red Wine Balsamic Grilled Chicken
Spicy Yogurt Chicken
Bourbon Chicken
Tequila-Lime Chicken


Steak with Burgundy Mushroom Sauce


Chili Rubbed Tilapia

Lemon Parmesan Crusted Salmon – I make it with panko breadcrumbs and lemon-pepper seasoning. OMG AMAZING MAKE IT NOW.

Sweet and Spicy Shrimp

Creamy Taco Mac
Turkey Sausage Pasta
Cajun Chicken Pasta
Shrimp Pasta in a Foil Package (<– I make this ALL the time. We love it!)
Long Life Fertility Noodles with Happy Shrimp


Cilantro Lime Rice
Garlic Rice Pilaf
Buttery Oven Fries


Homemade Taco Seasoning

Nanaimo Bars <–make these NOW. Fyi, I left out the coconut and used chopped walnuts instead of almonds.


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