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My New Normal

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who read and commented (or read and didn’t comment…I do see everything) on my last post. It was a big step for me to put that out there and the support I received … Continue reading

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Opening back up

Wow radio silence on the blog for a looonnggg time, huh? I guess the thing to do these days when explaining an absence is NOT to say sorry. Or to say sorry and then say “I know I shouldn’t apologize … Continue reading

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Our newest addition!

Well hey there! I kind of left you guys hanging back in January, didn’t I? Whoopsie! Welp, we’re in the house and it’s great. Really. 🙂 I have moments where I miss the city (and I think those moments will … Continue reading

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How I’m really feeling

I want to preface this by saying I am really, truly very happy we bought a house. It’s a great house and I can’t wait to make it our home where we raise a family. We have a yard (for … Continue reading

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House Update!!

By this time next week we’ll be living in our new home. Our new home that we bought. As in, we have a mortgage. That shit’s for LIFE, yo. When I last talked about the house, we had just put … Continue reading

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A Very Pinterest Christmas: Food, Glorious Food!

I’m linking up with Amy of The Bookworm Wife to bring you festive holiday finds from everyone’s favorite obsession, Pinterest!  If you’re anything like me you’ve procrastinated in pretty much every area of Christmas. Gift shopping, hall decking, meal (and … Continue reading

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The exciting (and mildly terrifying) next steps

Hoookay. Right. So the post I published yesterday about house hunting was actually written 10 days ago. Apparently, a LOT can happen in 10 days when you’re house hunting! Last Sunday we had appointments to see 3 houses. The first … Continue reading

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So there’s something I haven’t told you…

**Originally written 11/8/11 in anticipation of making this announcement on the blog at a later date. Now that we’ve told our families, I can finally announce that Josh and I are officially…. (Source) Ha, you thought I was gonna say … Continue reading

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Oh, hey there!

Well. This is awkward. I never intended to stop blogging for 5+ months. I even have a few half-finished posts I probably could have mustered up the energy to complete. But instead…yeah I just kinda gave up. (source) What had … Continue reading

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It’s no secret that I super duper pink puffy heart my blog buddies. I mean seriously, did you see the post about our DC meet-up? Good times, my friends, gooooood times. Today I’m taking part in Blog Buddy Appreciation Day. … Continue reading

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