My New Normal

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who read and commented (or read and didn’t comment…I do see everything) on my last post. It was a big step for me to put that out there and the support I received was so wonderful. Many who commented (either via the blog or social media) said they hoped I would continue blogging. Well THANKS! That’s probably one of the nicest things a writer can ever hear.

My life has changed a lot in the last year. I touched on it very briefly in my last post but it’s a huge part of my life and I’m ready to talk about it. Or at least I think I am. Gah, I’m so nervous.

Ok here goes.

I am in a relationship with a great guy who has a 7 year old son. We all live together. Me, Great Guy (his name is Joe), and son (we’ll call him G for now.) G lives with us half the time and with his mother the other half.

Joe G Emily

Joe, G, and me. Currently, G is sporting one more hole where a top front tooth used to reside.

Well, shoot, that wasn’t so bad. 😉

I wanted to write about this for the same reason I wanted to write about my divorce. Putting this out there via my blog reaches most, if not all, of my internet friends (there’s no better way to describe you awesome people…fans? followers? Ew gross never.) all at once. Imagine me all of a sudden tweeting “OMG what is Minecraft and why does my stepson love it so much?!” Like, literally no one would have ANY idea what I was talking about. (Or at least that’s how I perceive things.)

To be clear: no, Joe and I are not married so I suppose technically his son is not my stepson in the standard definition of the word. But it’s SO much easier to say “stepson” than “my boyfriend’s son.” Less characters, etc. Besides, G is a big part of my life, affects a lot of things I do, and I have an impact on his life, as well. So yeah, he’s basically my stepson and anyone who wants to shit on that can kindly ignore me. 🙂

Having a 7 year old boy around is crazy and loud and frustrating and hilarious and fun all at once. A “blended family” (or step-life, as I like to call it) is filled with unknowns, blurry boundaries, and a fair amount of drama (which I can’t really discuss but will 10000% allude to because some of this shit is unreal.) Also, you guys? First grade homework is HARD. I’m not kidding. Clearly I didn’t go through the newborn/infant/toddler stages, but I’m currently experiencing the school-age stage and Common Core Math is the actual worst.

So there you have it! My new normal in a nutshell. There have been tears and there have been “what the fuck am I doing?” moments (or full days, if we’re being honest), but I’m happy.

Now really, can some one explain not only the appeal of Minecraft, but the appeal of watching YouTube videos of OTHER PEOPLE playing Minecraft? Because I’m lost.

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3 Responses to My New Normal

  1. Emily, it’s so good to hear from you! Got nothing for you on Minecraft or those Youtubes of other people playing video games, haha, that is very mysterious business!

  2. Emily Q says:

    YES! Truly baffling.

    And thank you for saying hi!

  3. Mrs Dubs says:

    Love that you’re writing again and seriously cutest family photo! No advice on Minecraft, but I have a feeling I’ll need lessons from you in the coming future with two lil boys becoming obsessed with this phenomenon!

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