Opening back up

Wow radio silence on the blog for a looonnggg time, huh? I guess the thing to do these days when explaining an absence is NOT to say sorry. Or to say sorry and then say “I know I shouldn’t apologize but I feeeel bad.” So basically I’m going to say “Hi, again!” and fill you in on some…stuff that’s gone on in my life over the last year.

I’ve kept a great deal of my personal life off social media for over a year. With the encouragement of some very close (and wise) friends, I’m slowly inching my way back to coming out of hiding. I’ve kept a lot of things private out of embarrassment, what other people might think or say about me, and out of respect for everyone involved. So what happened?


::runs and hides::

::peeks out from behind the couch:: (why I ran behind a couch I’m not sure, it just felt right.)

Still with me? Great. The specifics don’t matter to anyone but the parties involved and for obvious reasons will not be talked about here or anywhere. What does matter is this: it sucked, it hurt, and it was for the best.

I haven’t known how to really come out and say all of this. Like, do I just randomly say on Twitter “YAY the #pumpkinspicelatte is back! Ps I’m separated from my husband.”? Mmm no. Do I just start posting about the guy I’m seeing and my current life? That would be weird. I felt like after blogging about my wedding and married life, I needed to explain myself a bit more. However, going back to what I said earlier (embarrassment, judgement, etc) I didn’t know *what* to do.

So I just kind of…didn’t say anything. Since Summer 2013 I stuck to posting about work or life with my friends/family (and the occasional selfie, of course.)

me pool

Lately, however, I’ve really missed sharing my life with my “internet friends.” Life is great, really it is, but I also have a lot of shit going on, to put it lightly. Having another outlet to talk about the good and the bad, get advice, and just get back to being myself…I need that.

I’ve lost a lot of friends, gained new ones, and developed even deeper connections with the ones who have been there for me. I’ve done a LOT of growing over the last year and things in my life have changed drastically. I’ve changed jobs, sold a house, bought a new one, started seeing a new guy (acquiring a 6 year old in the process), and adopted another puppy. WHEW. SO MANY THINGS I’ve wanted to talk about and I just didn’t know how or when.


But I think now I’m ready. I’m ready to share things like “The six year old doesn’t want his food touching and OH MY GOD Mom I’m so sorry for being like that as a kid.” I don’t know if I’ll keep this blog going, start a new one, or just share via Twitter/IG/Facebook, but I’m ready to open back up.

I hope you’ll follow along. 🙂

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12 Responses to Opening back up

  1. shannon says:

    Welcome back to blogging! I’m really sorry to hear about your marriage, I remember we got married on the same day. It sounds like things are going well for you though which is good to read. Hope you keep blogging.

  2. Jess says:

    I’m right there with ya, if it makes you feel any better! Haha. Glad to see you back and hope to hear more from you soon!

    • Emily B says:

      I’m sorry to hear that. 😦 Writing about it helped (but clearly took a while to muster up the courage to hit publish.)

      Ps, do you have a Twitter? I’m totally blanking on putting a face with a name right now!!

      • Jess says:

        I totally know the feeling. I don’t have a blog but I fell off Twitter and Facebook for a while there. Actually, you could argue I haven’t gotten truly gotten back on. Gussika – your…sister in law maybe?…cut my hair once.

  3. Stacy Marie says:

    You’re BACK!!!!!! So good to hear from you again 🙂

  4. arnikolas says:

    This internet strangerfriend is proud of you for peeking back out & rejoining us 🙂

  5. Sunny says:

    I’m glad you’re back as well. Life is life shit happens and it’s those things that make us the people we are. All that to say I’m glad you’re back (although I am super late reading this!) 🙂

  6. Nancy says:

    Hi there-
    So sorry to hear your news, but so proud of you for “coming out” so to speak. I lurked on your blog as I was getting married at about the same time as you and something made me pop back in tonight. It is very brave for you to come back and discuss your new life without the dirty details. I don’t feel like there are enough positive role models for young women getting out of marriages and how to navigate the next chapter.
    Best of luck!

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