Our newest addition!

Well hey there!

I kind of left you guys hanging back in January, didn’t I? Whoopsie! Welp, we’re in the house and it’s great. Really. 🙂 I have moments where I miss the city (and I think those moments will actually become more frequent as the weather gets warmer and I start to crave patio drinking) but for the most part I’m loving the house and suburban living.



His name is Frankie and he’s (we think) a Lab/Shepherd mix. We adopted him on March 18th when he was 10 weeks old and I think I fall in love with this dog more each day. Good GOD he’s adorable. Hands-down the best part of having this house is having the space for a dog. We have a huge backyard and a great walking neighborhood.

Ok, another Frankie pic:

Our biggest struggle so far has been crate training. As in he HATES his crate. Hates it. Thinks it’s his own personal hell. We’re adamant about crate training. I like my things and I don’t trust my puppy to roam around the house all day when I’m gone and NOT chew shit up. The thing is, when I’m at work I can’t hear the crying/whining/howling (I know, I’m the worst puppy mom. Whatever.) It’s nighttime that’s the problem. Some nights are better than others, but ALL start and end with the crying/whining/howling.

Since I know you’ll ask, here are the details:

-The crate was downstairs in the living room for the first 4 weeks. Last night we decided to move it upstairs to our room, which resulted in a GREAT night. He cried when he went in for about 10 excruciating minutes, but didn’t wake us up with his cries at all during the night or in the morning.

-We used to have it covered with blankets but that didn’t work well because he pulled the blankets through the holes in the crate and tore them up.

-We give him treats when we put him in and sometimes give him a longer-lasting bone/rawhide to keep him occupied.

-We praise him when he’s in there.

-He gets toys to play with.

Now that the crate is in our room, I’m expecting it to get much better. But I don’t WANT him in our room forever. Our room is for sleeping and *wink wink* time and I don’t want a dog or a cat or (eventually) a baby to interrupt that. So…any tips for getting a dog to love it’s crate? Does it get better? (Everyone said it does and I’m beginning to think all of you assholes were LYING TO ME!) (Sorry, I didn’t mean to call you assholes. Ok maybe I did. But I say it with love!) And seriously, how the HELL does anyone handle cry-it-out when it’s a human baby??

Ok one more Frankie pic because I just love him:

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7 Responses to Our newest addition!

  1. Clare says:

    I wish I had some good advice for you re: the crate, but unfortunately our dog has always loved being in there. The only t ime he doesn’t like going in is when he knows we are leaving the house (he tries to park himself and not move) but he doesn’t whine in there or anything. We also don’t crate him at night so I’m no help there. I hope he gets more used to it and okay with it soon! He is too cute. He seems like he’s grown a lot in the past month! I love that big goofy grin that he has in the last picture 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    What a handsome, handsome boy!! So smiley!

  3. shannon says:

    I’m not much help since our dog was crate trained from birth and therefore had no issues with her crate, though now she never goes in it and either sleeps in our bed (which I hate, but it’s a battle I lost to my husband) or on the floor. Some other things I can recommend is putting a shirt or blanket in there that has your scent on it and during the day leaving the t.v. or radio on, apparently dogs like to hear noises/voices.

  4. Hannah says:

    Tebow loves his crate and we only crate him when we’re not home – not at night, so I’m NO help there. I would definitely start, however, by making the bedroom a NO FRANKIE zone. His crate can be right outside the door but he is not allowed to ever go in there. I know people who trained their dog like this and the dogs will stop at the frame but never go in. It might be hard, but I highly recommend putting the crate right outside the door.
    Also, maybe you could do a two crate system? One outside the bedroom door and another in a different part of the house for when you’re out of the house all together?
    We swear by the crate, to the point that sometimes we forget to lock it and he still stays in it all day long. I promise it should get better soon – puppies are hard, regardless!

  5. Jackie says:

    This asp a crate training article gave us some good ideas: http://www.aspcabehavior.org/articles/92/Weekend-Crate-Training-.aspx

    It does sound like you are doing all the right things. Couple of suggestions in addition to what you are doing:

    – Don’t make a big deal out of your coming and goings. Put him in the frate and say a quick goodbye, same with coming home.

    – Buy a Kong and stuff it with dry food and seal with peanut butter. We gave our dog a stuffed Kong every morning when she went in the crate when we left for work That helped her like her crate! If you do this feed him less breakfast. Once he gets good at the Kong freeze a stuffed one ahead of time to make it more challenging.

    – Turn on some talk radio (or smooth jazz :)) to keep Frankie company during the day.

    – Take him to doggie daycare or hire someone to come in mid day to walk him so he is nit cooped up in his crate all day.

    My husband and I rescued our 4 year old Basset hound last summer and she was a mess. Not house trained and had bad separation anxiety. She did sleep in our room in a crate for the first 3 months. These days she sleeps on the ciuch at night and is free in the downstairs of the house during the day.

    This stage won’t be forever! When he is older and fully house trained you will probably be able to phase out the crate.

    Good luck! Are you going to enroll Frankie in puppy school? I found our training so helpful. Our trainer was very supportive and we both learned how to train our dog well.

  6. Morgan says:

    Awww, he is so adorable! Congrats on the new addition to the family!!

  7. Cuuuutie patootie! Frankie is so freakin adorable. Too bad y’all don’t live here, because I swear he’s part Australian Shepherd…he and Lucia could be Aussie buddies!

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