So there’s something I haven’t told you…

**Originally written 11/8/11 in anticipation of making this announcement on the blog at a later date.

Now that we’ve told our families, I can finally announce that Josh and I are officially….


Ha, you thought I was gonna say “pregnant” didn’t you?

Josh and I haven’t talked about this with anyone except a few close friends (who also just bought a house in the DC-area), our friends who are realtors, our parents, and his sister. I’m the kind of person who wants to have as much information about something like this before putting it out there. I want to be able to answer any questions that come my way

It started back in late August when Josh sent me a link to a house he thought I’d like. (Well, it actually started months before that when we had our friend who is a realtor set us up with a search that met our criteria, but that was originally just for fun. But I digress.) Turns out, I loved the house from the pictures! It had a lot of charm on the outside and inside, hardwood floors (very important to me) and best of all, a red front door! We picked a day to see the house, along with a few others that caught our eye.

Since the little graphic up there says house “hunters” and not house “owners” you can probably guess that none of the houses we saw that day worked out. But it did make us think a little more seriously about home ownership. We’re not aggressively looking and we’re not going to open houses every weekend, but we’ve met with a mortgage lender who gave us really great advice AND told us what we could afford. Our realtor also showed us a few homes last week (again, none that made us want to put in an offer) which helped us further define our “wish list.” I’m excited to see where this process takes us in the next 3/6/9/12 months!

Current and former house hunters: any tips??

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10 Responses to So there’s something I haven’t told you…

  1. WAHOOO!!!! Omg I remember you telling me a few months ago that home ownership wasn’t far off. This is AMAZING NEWS! I stalk like every second of the day so I’ll be happy to send you houses I wish I could afford that you can probably afford.

    Oh and i’m free to go to open houses if you need a buddy 🙂

  2. Jessica T says:

    So exciting!!! I hope you and Josh find the perfect house for you. 🙂
    Kevin and I have been house hunting for about a year now but it’s just not the right time for us to buy. We’d have to sell first which puts a wrench in things… but there’s tons out there to choose from! Have fun looking!

  3. Anni says:

    So excited for you two! Can’t wait to see where you end up. Congrats, friend!

  4. hemborgwife says:

    How exciting!!! I will not be house hunting for ages so no tips but I am sure you will find something amazing!

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh how exciting! Can’t wait to hear about your experience and that happy day when you find “the one”! 🙂

  6. Shannon says:

    Very exciting! Best of luck! We ended up buying the 2nd house we saw, yep the SECOND house, which is still crazy to me, but when you find a house in your budget with a water view you don’t hesistate. I will say that when you know you know and in the meantime save as much money as you can especially if you are looking at any fixer uppers, it’s amazing how quickly money gets spent, putting your own personal touch on things.

  7. dancy says:

    We just lived that whole thing & closed on our first house last week. It def. has its ups & downs. You’ll be amazed how awesome some places are & disgusted with how some people live. LOL

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  9. Jenell says:

    Yay! We just got our offer accepted on a home, spent so much time at Home Depot we’re thinking of just living there… Everything is making my head spin, but it will be nice to have a place called home!

  10. Hannah says:

    What an exciting time. We have been approved for about twice what we think we can/should spend on a house. While we could just go out and buy a ton of properties in town (based on our approval) we are taking our time, making sure we are really making smart decisions. Just take your time – Joey will love you regardless 🙂

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