Be jealous

This past Friday I had the extreme pleasure of meeting some of my favorite bloggers (and their significant others, but sorry guys, my loyalties lie with your ladies!) I can honestly say it was one of the best nights I’ve had in a very long time. We’ve been planning this meet-up ever since Anni and her fiance Ross decided to spend a long weekend in DC…back in March! Needless to say, we’ve all been looking forward to this for quite awhile.

We started the evening at Cafe Green near Dupont Circle. It’s an all-vegan/vegetarian menu which, I’m not gonna lie, kind of scared me. While Josh is fairly adventurous when it comes to food, I knew he probably wouldn’t go for that kind of place, so we grabbed a quick bite before. BUT! I did try the “Raw Cheesecake” at Cafe Green and let me tell you it was delicious. Even Josh was impressed. And the wine was good so that’s always a plus. Of course, I have no pictures from our time at Cafe Green, but I’m sure if you head over to Anni’s blog this week she’ll have a few.

During dinner we did what any normal group of internet friends would do: called another internet friend who lives in another state! However, Layla, being the call-screener we all knows she is, didn’t pick up. So we left a voicemail that was probably at least 5 minutes long. Sorry, gal! Thankfully she called back and we all had a chance to talk to her. Just fyi, she is SO CUTE on the phone. The southern accent gets me every time.

After we finished at Cafe Green we headed over to Front Page for some more drinks and dancing. Finally I brought my camera out to play.

(L-R: ME! Claire, Anni, Steph, Megan, Maria, and Jess!)

Steph and I really do love our wine.

This was meant to be a trendy shot of our drinks…it ended up being a gratuitous shot of our boobs.

This is from the city where I went to college!! I thought it was so random that they had a newspaper from Athens, OH. 

I was definitely ready to dance so as soon as they opened up the floor I ran to claim a spot. The DJ at Front Page was absolutely terrible, but I managed to bust a move anyway. The wine certainly helped.

It looks like we’re judging something/some one…I really can’t remember. Jess, I want to see the resulting pic of you and Anni!

What’s so funny??

Get it, girls.

If I can be real honest for a sec, I’m fuzzy on the details of a lot of these pics. I remember taking them, but the scenarios escape me. For example, this one of me and Josh:

No idea. None. 

One by one the girls began to leave and before we knew it the only ones left were me, Steph and Josh. So we danced a bit more, judged the shitty DJ,

Dude seriously, why are you SO BAD at this and how do you have a job?

and took one more pic to end the night!

Yay friends!

Girls, I had so much fun with all of you. To those of you who I hadn’t met,  I’m so glad we were finally able to meet. To those of you who I’ve met before (or known for 20 years), I’m so glad we could get together again. I’m incredibly blessed to know such amazing women. I can’t wait to see everyone again soon!!


I have a few observations about the girls who I hadn’t yet met.

-Maria: Cutest laugh ever!! Was not expecting that. Seriously, adorable. This is going to sound weird, but I really love making people laugh but I love even more when they have cute laughs!

-Jess: Hilarious!! She has the best one-liners ever. The things that came out of her mouth…just hilarious.

-Anni: So little! How did I not know she’s like the tiniest most adorable lil thing ever? (I say that with a lot of love, Anni. Not making fun of you at all.)

*I know I don’t have to say this, but all pictures are my own so please ask before taking them. Thanks!

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18 Responses to Be jealous

  1. Jessica says:

    Kevin told me he liked the food and I was shocked! The DJ was absolutely horrible, but the dancing, as foolish as I looked, was a blast.

    It was tough to write my blog post because I felt like I kept using the words awesome and amazing but it was! Loved meeting you and cannot wait to do it again soon. 😀

  2. Layla says:

    Haha, I was peeing!! Not screening!! 😛

    Thank you for calling!! I loved talking to y’all and can’t WAIT for Vegas. Love you people!

  3. LatteLove says:

    You succeeded…I AM jealous!
    I didn’t all of you ladies lived so close to each other! Looks like a blast 🙂

  4. Maria says:

    Omigosh that was the best time I’ve had in a LONG time, especially considering I’m not one for the city scene. #1 Now we HAVE to hang out at Guapos and #2, I’m glad you like my laugh bc I love to laugh, especially at your incredibly amusing faces, I LOVED THEM! So full of real and unadulterated emotion!

  5. Steph says:

    Omg I’m in love with all these pictures. And your faces, hah!

    I had SUCH a blast and am so sad that we can’t all do this regularly!! Agreed that it was the best night out in a long time :)) ❤

  6. Laura says:

    Yea, so jealous. You all are SO dang cute. And I better get to meet all of you next spring in Vegas!!

  7. megsy123 says:

    Ummmm I think we could have been laughing at the DJ. Or after our robot contest. Or just because. 🙂 BTW, I love you all!

  8. Anni says:

    Haha! If it helps, I try to get across the (un)magnitude of my height, but it just doesn’t work. You have to see it to believe it. 😉

    I may or may not have spent some time on Craigslist looking for apartments. It strangely disappoints me that a) we’re about to sign a two year lease and b) Ross still has 2 1/2 years of school left since he’s starting the nursing program.

  9. jacin says:

    so fun!!! wish i was around!!

  10. kjpugs says:

    Gah I wish I was right up in there with my wine and gratuitous boobs too. You look like you had a blast! And good call on the vegan cheesecake… I mean, cheesecake has to be like pizza here… even when it’s bad, it’s good. So you can’t go wrong!

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  12. Katie says:

    Gah – so fun! So jealous. I really think I’m going to have to plan a trip to DC just so I can hang with the likes of you ladies…. 😉

  13. Awe. I am totally jealous! It looks like you guys had so much fun!

  14. Amy says:

    I AM jealous, this looks like so much fun! 🙂

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