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I’m working from home today (and clearly you can see how hard I’m working) so I have a little time to catch up on blog reading and GASP! writing. Since I sort of, um, gave up Reverb 10 I’m getting excited to write again. I thought what I needed was a push to write and pre-selected topics to write about. But I think what I really needed was a reminder of why I write and why I love it. In some weird roundabout way, Reverb did that, just not in the way it was probably supposed to. Anyway. I wouldn’t say I’m “back” so to speak, but I would say I’m feeling better about myself, my writing, and my blogging. Yay!

Katie over at She likes ruffles, he likes truffles wrote a great post in response to a Reverb prompt. If you didn’t click the link and read it (shame on you), the post was about the timeline she set for herself when she was younger and how all hasn’t gone according to plan. This really inspired me to write about how my life timeline hasn’t gone exactly the way I pictured.

To understand where I’m about to go with this, you have to know the example set by my mom. My whole life my mom has been a single, working mother. She had me at 35. I was a “surprise.” She had a very successful career in TV news, no husband (or boyfriend, really), no desire to have kids or a husband or a typical family. And then all of a sudden, she had me. But it didn’t stop her from continuing her successful TV news career, it didn’t make her rush to find a husband and skip down the aisle, and it certainly didn’t mean we were going to be a typical family.

My mom in the 70s! My Godfather is in the middle. Not sure who the other guy is. But how hot does she look??

Growing up with that example, I assumed I would follow somewhat the same path: finish high school, go to college, graduate college with some sweet degree, get a sweet-ass job right away, work work work my way up, boss people around, live it up with my friends, and then maybe in my late 20s start thinking about getting married and having kids. I never doubted that I would have a family, I just knew (KNEW) it wouldn’t happen until I was happily established in my career. Not the typical life timeline, but one that worked for me.

HA! Ha ha. Hahaha oh life, you cheeky monkey. Let’s see how that’s worked out:

-Finish high school: check

-Go to college: check

-Graduate with “sweet” degree: check-ish? My Coms degree isn’t really sweet.

-Get a “sweet-ass job” right away: fail. Two years after graduating I have a job that I love, but damn, took long enough!

-Work work work my way up & boss people around: fail and fail. I’ve been working for a month. I boss people around but Josh never really pays attention to me and my cats don’t understand human speak.

You see where this is going. And, oh yeah, I got engaged at 22, before I even finished college and married at 24, before I had a full-time job. At least I’m not pregnant.

Don’t get me wrong, I love where I’m at in my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe I would have liked the job thing to happen a bit sooner, but I digress. What I’m saying is in no way am I disappointed in myself because I started a family before I started a career. Surprised? Hell yes. Disappointed? Never. I’m really ok knowing my “plan” didn’t work out. Actually, I consider myself lucky that it didn’t.

What did/does your life plan look like? Has it gone as planned?

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12 Responses to Life Timeline

  1. Maria says:

    Your momma looks so sassy! Love it! And life plans…well, the engagement thing is sorta going according to plan, I wanted to get married around 27-28, Ale just jumped the gun on proposing 😛 And I’m in grad school which I NEVER imagined would happen. And I want to be a librarian of ALL things, so that was a surprise too. So I’m half planner-half slacker kinda person.

  2. Steph says:

    I wrote a post sooo similar to this for one of the Reverb prompts (the letting go one I think?). My life is SO not what I thought it would be. Well.. it is kind of what I thought it would be when I was a kid, but that idea vastly changed once I went to college. So I guess it’s sort of half and half right now. But I totally feel you. I still don’t have a job I absolutely love (hoping that changes come Feb or March) and I don’t know what and where the next year or so will bring. Totally not using my college degree, that’s for sure. Oh well.

    Oh, and stoppp being so damn busy bc we can TOTALLY have a night on the town dancing and such! I need a monthly fix. No lies. :))

  3. Hannah says:

    My momma is the same age as yours and like yours, she inspires me so much. In the 18 years between her high school graduation and having me my mom was the first in her family to go to college (and get her AA), joined the Army and moved to Germany, backpacked Europe, hitchhiked to Colorado to be a hippie and moved to Florida for a change of scenery.

    The only thing I was sure of growing up is that I was going to live life to the fullest. I wanted a degree, I wanted to travel but I never ever thought I’d be married this early. I haven’t, however, let marriage “hold me back,” instead he has empowered me to continue to live my dreams. And for that, I am super lucky.

    SO glad that you just blogged. I was so sad after yesterday’s post!

  4. Shannon says:

    Wow your mom was HOT back in the day. Now we see where you get your good looks from!

    I always thought I would be married by 25 and have 2 kids by the age of 30 and work in PR or some fun career. Well I got married 10 days after I turned 30 and I’ll be lucky to have a kid by 35. Oh and my “career” isn’t fun. But it is what it is and for the most part I’m really happy with where I am.

  5. Brandi says:

    I love this post. I’ve always been a planner – which usually bites me in the ass, because things never seem to go as planned!

    I definitely wanted to get married early, and I’d start calling adoption agencies tomorrow if we were at all ready to have kids, but we’re not, and won’t be for a few years. My career aspirations have changed dramatically since I was in high school, and I’m really thankful that things don’t always go according to plan (even if it’s frustrating at the time!).

    Thanks for totally putting things into perspective! It sounds like you definitely got the awesome gene from your mama!

  6. Stacy Marie says:

    I am so with you, I always thought I’d be the career woman too! But here I am, married at 24. I kicked off 2010 waiting around to see where my husband was going to get a job….isn’t it nuts how priorities change?

  7. Anni says:

    This post really made me happy – I love your outlook on life. I think that everyone has this idea about how their life will turn out, and it rarely works out the way we want it, but that’s usually a good thing. I admire your willingness to work hard!

  8. Jessica says:

    That picture looks like it was straight out of a magazine, your mom is hot!

    I always thought I would have kids by now but I’m kind of glad I don’t. I’m enjoying being a newlwed and the perks of it being just the two of us. I’ll be stoked when we do have kids but I’m basking in the here and now.

    Five years ago? I would never have thought I’d be where I am now. Mostly because I was engaged to someone else. Things worked out for the better but it was totally unexpected. 🙂

  9. Jenell says:

    Love the pic of your mom, thanks for sharing! I’m glad you’re back in action chick! Sweet, sweet life has such funny ways sometimes – it’s the things that are unplanned that make it such a sweet symphony!

  10. Katie says:

    Wellll clearly you know how I feel about this. I just learned recently that throwing my timeline out the window and just letting things happen as they naturally do is much less stressful. Well, maybe not less stressful, but it might not make me quite as crazy worrying about deadlines!

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  12. kjpugs says:

    Honestly if you think about it, you got that marriage crap (LOL… not really crap) out of the way and now you have 100% of you focus available for career (besides your focus on relationships and stuff… gah… I hope you know what I mean.) Like for me, I’m glad we got it over with and now have our lives ahead of us to do… whatever! Like B going to school. We don’t have a wedding standing in our way. So in a way it’s a GOOD timeline!

    And your mom is HAWT.

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