To break or not to break?

Real talk…Reverb 10 is really not interesting to me. I thought the prompts would be a bit more fun, I guess. They’re just not inspiring me to write at ALL. In fact, now I realize why I didn’t do NaBloPoMo: because I don’t want to feel guilty for not writing And every morning when the Reverb 10 prompt arrives in my mailbox I think, “Great, yet another prompt that is of no interest to me” and then I feel guilty for not keeping up the commitment and blah blah.

To be honest, I’m thinking of taking a break from blogging. And if not a break, then I need to quit beating myself up for not posting regularly. I’ve really lost interest in writing and I’m so behind on everyone’s blogs that I think a break might be necessary. It’s clear to me that I don’t know how to juggle work, my personal life, my social life, and my blogging life. I know a lot of you blog on the weekends, but mine are usually so filled to the brim with work and either seeing friends, going out with Josh, or going home, that the little time I do have to myself, I just want to sit. Or clean. Or go shopping. Or do anything but think and/or write.

This could also just be the holiday stress talking. Because OH MY GOD I hate the holidays. Have I done any Christmas shopping? Ha. No. I’m probably about 3.5 seconds away from a nervous breakdown. Maybe what I’ll do is be on hiatus from now until the new year and come back refreshed with lots of new ideas and a better sense of how the hell I’m going to juggle a million things at once. Also…thank GOD I don’t have any children. Eff. that. Also, I think I need to be more “real” on here. Because in real life, I say things like “fuck” and “bitch” and “you’re such a whore” and I’m really NOT as nice as I seem. So I need to figure out how to project my true self on here without alienating some of my readers.

Yeah. That last paragraph might be the best example of why I need a break.

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11 Responses to To break or not to break?

  1. The prompts have really disappointed me too! But don’t stop blogging! I’ll miss you! Just blog when you feel like it. I have 2 books that I like when I’m stuck in a writing rut. They’re mostly for fiction writing but they at least make you think. If you want the titles, let me know and I’ll find them!

  2. Hannah says:

    1) Ditto to the Reverb thing. I also saw a lot of things that I DIDN’T find attractive in bloggers I thought I liked. (Not you, I swear! You are real, which is awesome. They were… well, trying too hard.)

    2) I understand if you need a break. I write more than most people ever do (hello, school, gag) so I’m unsure on why I like blogging so much. Probably because I write like I talk and how I feel and I can’t do that at work or in school – so I need (and gladly take) the outlet!

    3) I would definitely miss you TONS if you left the blog world. Actually, you’ve already kinda sorta checked out and I miss you tons. But I respect your need to take a break and I hope that you come back excited to blog again!

  3. Laura says:

    Hahaha, your last paragraph is why I love you. Take a break if you need one – We’ll be here when you’re back! I totally understand how freaking hard it is to juggle everything. It does get easier with time, although no less exhausting. The first weeks of a new job are insanity. It sounds like you’re really enjoying it, though, which is wonderful!

  4. Cara says:

    I also agree with the reverb prompts. I’ve skipped a day, then gone back the next and haphazardly filled it out anyway. Breaks are awesome and being yourself is even more awesome!

  5. Steph C. says:

    Yeaaa, I’m losing interest in the reverb prompts too, you’re clearly not alone in that. Sorry life has gotten so crazy for you 😦 Here’s hoping it gets a bit calmer come January (manifest THAT!).

  6. Jessica says:

    I get the same way about blogging. I get writers block and when I sit at my computer, sometimes nothing seems interesting to me. Over Thanksgiving, I didn’t even turn my computer on for five days. It. Was. Awesome. I didn’t catch up on my blogs either. I blog when I feel it, and read when I have time. Otherwise, I don’t, there’s too much pressure. I have no idea how people post like, twice a day, every day. Screw that.

    You do whatcha gotta do, and I totally vote for the REAL Em to come out and play.


    Whew, that was refreshing.

  7. Amy says:

    I feel you, lady! And I finally just said “fuck it,” myself…because I too say things like “fuck, shit, bitch…cock, balls” in real life (Old School, anyone?! 🙂 )…so on my new blog (which I have yet to reveal), I’ve been trying to be more true to myself in that regard. In all serious-ness though, I just stopped beating myself up about not posting every day and decided that I wasn’t going to apologize for it. I’m busy, I just got married, and I don’t want blogging to feel like a chore. So if you need a break, take it! We’ll miss you, but I know you’ll get your groove back eventually. A big thing I’ve learned about writers’ block and blogging in general is that if it feels like a chore, I won’t do it…so it’s important to make sure it’s still enjoyable. One day, you’ll get hit with an “I need to blog about this” feeling, and then you’ll be back. And all of us will be here (stay in touch via email though, mmmk?! 🙂 ).

    Love ya, girl!

  8. dancyny says:

    Def take a break & do what you need to do — but when you come back, please feel free to be more yourself!! I hear what you’re saying – I’m def. in the same camp – I have to edit myself with the language as well – I don’t exactly have a dainty demeanor IRL. ;). If you lose readers by using your “true voice”, then it’s not really much of a loss is it? 😉

  9. Katie says:

    Do what works for you, lady! I’ll be honest; the past few days I haven’t felt incredibly inspired by the posts. At first, I thought I’d post every day…but then I realized this weekend that it would be best and most therapeutic for me to only respond to the ones that I pretty quickly could come up with a post for. I am not going to sit for 2 hours and think about my answer to the question…it isn’t homework for a class, you know? However, I might have different motives behind my reverb responses than you, so I guess I can’t really speak for you! 🙂

  10. heatherrey says:

    I would love for you to keep blogging – however you can manage it. Don’t post as often? okay! Take a much-needed break for a while? okay! Say ‘fuck’ more? okay! I would usually be all, if you don’t like it, don’t do it, but to be honest, you are one of my (few) favorites and I would really miss your posts. 🙂

  11. kjpugs says:

    Reverb made me want to PUNCH A BABY and I didn’t even do it. I felt like 90% of the reverb posts I read were blah blah blah I’m writing this because I was prompted not because I have something to say. I think you need to be yourself- don’t hold back. If people don’t like it, so what. I LIKE IT. So there, amen.

    And take a break if you need to. It should never be “work.” It’s hard to have a change in your life schedule… let yourself get used to it and fit it all together again.

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