You guys need to know something about me. See, my middle school/high school teen years were during the late 90s-early 2000s, right around the time a new wave of “boy bands” hit. I was the quintessential teen girl and LOVED this craze. At the time, boys bands were a dime a dozen. LFO, 98 Degrees, 5ive, O-Town…the list goes on and on. But the two kings were the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. And in my world you were EITHER a BSB fan or and NSYNC fan, NOT BOTH. (I was very serious about this at the time.)

Which side did I fall on, you ask? Well…

Howie D. and Nick! I met them when they were in town for a radio interview back in 2007. Also, wow my hair looked so bad that day.


Oh how I wish I had pictures of my BSB-loving glory days. Next time I go back to Ohio I’ll try to find some.

Right now, my middle school/high school self is having a MAJOR freak-out because yesterday a tour featuring the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block (NKTOB) was announced!! EEEEEEEE!!!! Trust and believe that my ass will be in that audience.

To further highlight my “dedication” and embarrass myself, I would like to show you a few gems from my middle school diary.

In reference to my first BSB concert, March, 2000: “I already know what I’m wearing. It’s a tight black shirt and these huge khakis. Then I’m gonna put glow in the dark stars on the shirt. I’m hoping that if I wear my huge khakis that AJ will sign them. OMG! That would be the best!”  — Apparently I loved wide-legged khakis? Also, I was hoping that because it would be dark, if I wore glow in the dark stars on my shirt they would see me. Um, no.

In reference to NSYNC vs. BSB, March 2000: “First of all *NSYNC totally got ideas for their album from BSB’s. I mean come on. “Bye, Bye, Bye”, “Don’t Want You Back”? I think there is just a little similarity. O well. BSB were the original.” — I was convinced that NSYNC was stealing ideas from the Backstreet Boys. Calm down, 13-year-old Em.

In reference to my 2nd BSB concert, Fall 2001: “Holy Crap! Brian, I swear to Holy Jesus Christ all mighty, looked @ us! We freaked out! OMG! It was SO great! Just about the best night of my life, yeah! ” — I’ll admit, this was pretty cool.

That’s hardly the tip of the iceberg, my friends.

What concert would your middle school/high school self geek out about seeing?

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20 Responses to NKOTBSB

  1. Maria says:

    BSB baby! I had a huge poster of Kevin above my bed as well as the Millennium album cover poster and something else which I can’t think of at the moment. My friend and I drew a BSB comic at one point, I wonder if I still have those notebooks, the drawings were hilarious!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Haha I was the same way about *NSYNC and BSB! I was first a Hanson fan (still am, actually. And I still turn into my 12 year old self when I go see them) then an *NSYNC fan. I hated BSB and would get into terrible arguments regarding who was better. However I did have the Millennium CD, and I remember really liking it!

    • Emily B says:

      Omg! Hanson!! Yesss. I was obsessed with them. Never saw them live, although I probably would given the chance. Also, I had their Christmas cd. Do not judge.

  3. Laura says:

    Ahhh, LOVED BSB! Brian was totally my favorite – Like my friend and I talked about what our hypothetical license plates with his name would say some day. Yea, kind of creepy. SO jealous of those pictures!

  4. Kristin says:

    Oh dude…I gotta come down on NSYNC’s side in that debate…If only they would go on a reunion tour. Sigh. I am ALL over going to see NKOTB again. I went two years ago and it was awesome!

    • Emily B says:

      I will say, now that I’m not as crazy I do love me some NSYNC. Their songs are totally catchy and JT? Come on. Love him. It sucks because NSYNC never announced a split or a hiatus, they just stopped recording together. I felt that was a little unfair to their fans, ya know?

  5. Steph says:

    I love those journal entries oh so much! And I must say, don’t hate me, but I was an NSYNC fan. Sorry. My middle school/high school self was actually more of a country fan and my friends and I freaked out when my parents took us to see Dixie Chicks and Tim McGraw. Note, I did grow up in the South so I blame that on my love of country music 😉

  6. Stacy Marie says:

    Holy shit Em, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore, because it’s N*Sync all the way, duh! Just kidding, I was much more of a Spice Girls fan than a boy band fan. I think I watched Spice World enough times to actually lose brain cells!

    • Emily B says:

      Aw I got love for NSYNC now that I’m not a crazy 13 year old anymore. Also, Spice Girls? LOVE. Like, loooooved them. I’ve seen Spice World probably as many times as you. If they do another reunion tour and come to DC I’d totally go.

  7. Jessica says:

    Totally jealous you met them! I love the diary entries… BAHAHA!

  8. Angie N says:

    I went to a New Kids On the Block concert at age 6. We were 5 rows from the stage and I threw a rose to Jordan (my ultimate favorite) and Joey picked it up! I was so upset I CRIED. I mean, how was Jordan ever going to know my true love for him when Joey was holding MY rose?!

  9. Shannon says:

    I liked both BSB and N Sync though I was more partial to N Sync, mainly b/c I liked Justin Timberlake. I remember being so sad when he and Britney broke up…I’m still hoping they’ll reconcile. haha.

  10. Hahahaha oh my gosh the journal entries are killing me.

    Annnd yeah, I’m sorry but N*SYNC all the way over here. I started going to their concerts back in the day when Britney Spears was their opening act…she was HORRIBLE! It was just her and 3 backup dancers. So awkward.

    Anyway, I still have a major crush on JT. So so so love him.

  11. kjpugs says:

    OMG I’m DYINNNNNG! As an NYSYNC fan, I am horrified, naturally, but I’m still laughing at those journal entries! Em, I neeeeed to know- DID HE SIGN YOUR HUGE PANTS?!?! LOL

  12. Jenell says:

    NSYNC all the way. I took my little sister and her friends to go see NSYNC and swore JT would fall in love with me because I was doing something nice for my little sister and her friends! Ha! He’s too short anyways.

  13. Steph C. says:

    I was definitely all for BSB over NSync for sure.. and yep, Spice Girls too. I even went through a Britney phase. But I never got as excited as I did for Good Charlotte. Oh Benji, how I loved you.

    Btw, when is said NKOTBSB show? Is it in DC??

  14. Anni says:

    Spice Girls! How did we forget about them in our Twitter convo? I adored Baby and Posh. I used to sing “Wannabe” with my friends non-stop.

  15. Megan says:

    Can`t.freakin`.WAIT! I plan to sing every song at the concert and I know all the dances. Woooooo!!!

  16. Christina says:

    I’m totally late on this post, but OMG my inner middle school self just FREAKED seeing those pictures!! You lucky girl, you!

    My entire bedroom wall growing up was covered in BSB pictures. I was a big weirdy and liked Kevin the best with his dark hair and tall self…. and my tall husband has dark hair too. Coincidence?

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