30DBJ: Day 24

Where I Live

My apartment is in an embarrassing state of disarray at the moment, so no pictures of that. It’s kind of boring anyway.

Here are a few pictures of our “view.”

Josh and I live in Bethesda, MD and absolutely LOVE it. We’re super close to DC, but just far enough away that we don’t have tourists invading our space (nothing against tourists, they just tend to…linger.) Josh and I moved here from Northeast Ohio and we’re never EVER leaving. At least I know I’m not. The cost of living is kind of ridiculous, but I’ll take higher rent and stuff to do over low rent and a boring town any day. Josh and I are a very social couple who love to go to dinner and out to bars, and luckily this town is filled with both. We love our new home and if anyone wants to visit, our door is always open! (Just ask first, mkay?)
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7 Responses to 30DBJ: Day 24

  1. Christina says:

    True story: I grew up in Gaithersburg, and my dad worked in Bethesda 🙂 I miss Maryland!

  2. steph c says:

    We should definitely meet up sometime.. I'm literally like 10 minutes away! Have you been to Jaleo's just off of Wisconsin Ave yet? So tasty!

  3. SG to SP says:

    I lived in Bethesday until I was about 8. My brother lives there now. Great town but you're right super expensive.

  4. Layla says:

    I've never been to Bethesda, but when we make a trip to DC, you better be visiting with my ass!

  5. Laura says:

    I want to visit! David and I want to go to DC eventually (his brother and SIL just got back from there a couple weeks ago and loved it) so you know I'll be hitting you up! 🙂 And I wanna see pictures of your apartment sometime!

  6. kjpugs says:

    I completely agree with Laura! I have family in DC so I will be HOLLER-ing when we eventually get out there.

  7. Hannah says:

    I make it up there about once a year and will definitely call when we're in the area!

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