30DBJ: Day 23

A YouTube Video 

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge YouTube person. I like watching music videos and stuff, but the Chocolate Rain guy and others…I never really got the appeal. However, there is one video that I absolutely adore and that makes me giggle every time. YouTube wouldn’t let me embed it here, but I found it on Funny or Die and was able to get the code from there. Ha, suck it, YouTube! I love boxers and we hope to adopt one or two some day. This video is a great display of their playful behavior. Be sure to watch all the way to the end!


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4 Responses to 30DBJ: Day 23

  1. thehickbride says:

    Yay for boxer love! I love that video, it makes me giggle every single time. I might be bais though since we have an Boxer / American Bulldog cross…. Lol.

  2. kjpugs says:

    This makes me want a trampoline!!!!!!! Can you imagine my pugs just floppin and bouncin all over it? LOL!

  3. Christina says:

    That boxer is SO cute! I can't believe he didn't fall off! He has skillz.

  4. Laura Lewis says:

    this video sooooo made me smile 🙂

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