Vloggy vlog vlog

Isn’t vlog a funny word? It looks so weird all typed out, too. Let’s look at it bigger:

Weird, right? Ok, so I did a vlog. Surprisingly, I loved it. And I loved watching it back. I didn’t think I would AT ALL. I usually hate myself on camera. In photos? Love. Moving picture? Not so much. But this wasn’t bad and I really hope you guys like it. If not, please tell me and I’ll never do it again. Also, I did it in black and white. I have no idea why. I think I looked more cute in B&W.
The vlog is about my (terrible) experience with Alfred Angelo. Also, I kind of insult Wal-Mart and talk about being “ghetto.” If either of these things offend you…I’m not sorry. Watch and enjoy!

Alfred Angelo Messed With The Wrong Bridesmaid from Emily Burwell on Vimeo.

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16 Responses to Vloggy vlog vlog

  1. kjpugs says:

    Thoughts AS I WATCH:1. NO ONE does well with the camera pointing UP AT THEM2. What does the dress look like!?!?!? I want to know! Esp. since you'll wear it again!3. Why should YOU have to call THEM back!??!?!?! BITCHES.4. HAHA I heard a car horn. ADD.5. You are NOT Jennifer.6. I know that.7. LOL I miss Quail. Name you first child Quail.8. OF COURSE she didn't recognize the name. Damn drunk seamstress.9. Again OF COURSE no call back. You need to YELP! this shit.10. Apparently Alfred Angelo allows uneducated homeless people to work for them.11. I hope the damn dress FITS!12. STILL WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!13. They obviously don't know who they're dealing with.14. These are the bitches who COULDN'T get a job at Walmart. FOR REALZ.15. GHETTTTTOOOOOO!16. Sassy is good too17. You need a bottle of wine.18. I should show you my ghetto crush party pics.19. Sounds like you got a texttttt!20. ADD. (Me) Seriously.21. MY NAME YAY! (Kelly = kjpugs BITCHESSS!)22. Love the vloggers.23. This was way better than DWTS.I LIVE CHATTED YOUR VLOG! LOVEEEEEEEEEE! I'm immediately flying out east so we can drink wine and be ghetto and hang outttttt!

  2. Laura says:

    Oh my gosh, I already tweeted this, but I love your voice and mannerisms! They're exactly what I pictured for you. Which is weird. But whatever. Post a picture of the dress! I want to see! LOVE that you really will wear it again!And can I please fly out east and drink wine and be ghetto with you and Kelly too?! I went over this in my comment on your post about knowing the lyrics to every song, but I'm pretty much an insane rapper. Just sayin.

  3. Hannah says:

    Haha – you are not selling Vloging (ugh, odd word) with this intro lady! Okay, 3rd time Jessica? Did you call your credit card company and ask them to just reverse the funds. Use them for a flight to Aruba and tell your friend/bride that you're way over this.O MY GOD JUST SHOW US A PHOTO OF THE DRESS.You are dealing with kindergartners. I have had better service with Walmart.You've been sassy, I don't understand how you are gehtto. I do not believe this. This is awesome. Do it all the time. ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME. Okay, maybe I have a problem after 3 hours of classwork.Maybe I should take nyquill and pass out.<3 ya night!

  4. Hannah says:

    Omg and its tag is "don't piss me off"really love you now

  5. Christina says:

    Haha! Can I *like* this post? Poor customer service is one of my MAJOR pet peeves. Glad you made it a point to call them out on video! Good job 😉

  6. Jessica says:

    We used a bridal salon to order our Alfred Angelo dresses and now I'm so glad we did. It seems the bigger the company (WalMart, David's, etc) the worse their customer service is.And I'm with Kjpugs– I totally heard a beep too, and got distracted trying to figure out what kind of message you got. 🙂

  7. steph c says:

    Haha I love this post bc of 1. the vlog (do more!!) and 2. the comments.. especially kjpugs ;)I get SO frustrated dealing with incompotent people, especially when customer service IS YOUR DAMN JOB and it's really not that hard. I have to do it every day, and (I'm pretty sure) I don't sound like an idiot. Glad you got all sassy on them!

  8. Brandi says:

    Love it! I'm actually still laughing over KJ's comments, because apparently I'm ADD too. Oh man. And I'm not even going to bother demanding, because I know you're going to post a picture of the dress now, because the blog world needs to see.Seriously, leave them reviews on Google, Yelp!, and Yahoo! It'll make you feel better.

  9. megan says:

    I just saw this! I'm so behind. First of all, you are ADOREABLE! Second of all, I hate Alferd Angelo. Me and my BMs went in and they were rude. Not happy. Third, do another one!!!! I love your vlog!

  10. SG to SP says:

    Not to sound creepy but you have really pretty skin. I'm super jealous. You remind me a lot of my old roommate, the way you talk and tell a story, it cracks me up.I got very lucky with both my wedding and bridesmaid dress shops and didn't thankfully have any issues with either. Show a pic of the dress!!!

  11. sjhouser says:

    awesome! You're so cute! Yes so I actually have to order an Alfred Angelo dress for my friend's wedding in April. Turns out no one in Salt Lake carries them because Alfred Angelo is awful to work with if you aren't one of their "stores"…weird right?! I'm hoping this story has a happy ending…if not maybe I'll vlog it 😉

  12. Laura Lewis says:

    Of courrsssssssssssse I loved this! 🙂 You are so freakin' cute and not what I picture (maybe I pictured a more ghetto voice? hahhaha)… I always feel like when someone does a vlog I know them THAT much more! 🙂 I hope AA sees this video!

  13. Heather says:

    Loved it! You are really good at this! One of the better vlogs I've seen. 🙂

  14. Layla says:

    HOW AM I JUST NOW SEEING THIS???? Next time someone vlogs I demand an immediate text. 😛 High five vlogging blogging circle of friends! Seriously though, what an F'ED up story. And you're too cute. Seriously, really. And I heard a car horn and your text too. 😛

  15. omginindy says:

    Absolutely adorable Je… I mean Em! lol. I waited esspecially for tonight to check out your vlog (can't do it at work, it blocks it damn media sharing). Good story, hope to hear more and you should come to Indy, or wait until after my baby then me and KJ will RT and visit you!

  16. Katie says:

    Ahhh I'm so late on this – apologies!1 – I have no idea why, but I totally didn't imagine your voice to sound like it does! I don't know what I was thinking it would sound like, but it was a surprise!2 – now you have me scared out of my wits to work with Alfred Angelo for a BM dress I have to get for April. Have you heard the story of how I'm wearing a flower girl dress because their sizing is ridiculous? Yep. Perhaps I should blog about that…3 – more vlogs please! Me likey.

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