30DBJ: Day 19

A Talent

 Prince Poppycock, I am not. 
Although I do adore him and think he’s a fabulous queen.
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It’s safe to say that I am talent-less. That’s not an exaggeration, as much as I wish it was. But, there is one thing I’m really good at that I take pride in. I’m excellent at memorizing the lyrics to songs. 
When I was a kid my mom would say, “If you put as much effort into memorizing your History/Science/Math, etc facts as you put into memorizing songs you’d get better grades.” Which is totally true. I can memorize a song after hearing it 4-5 times, but ask me to remember formulas or other useless “educational” facts? Can’t do it. Useless facts, clearly have a special place in my brain, though. I guess that’s another talent 🙂
Anyway, I love music and I take pride in the fact that when pretty much any song comes on the radio (or in a bar or at a party) I know the words.
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6 Responses to 30DBJ: Day 19

  1. kjpugs says:

    Yep I'm with ya! Mostly with odd rap songs like the big butts song, ice ice baby, and that "i wanna, li-li-li-lick you" song. I don't know why but I love itttt!

  2. Hannah says:

    Haha, I do not know the ones KJ knows but I can sing every 80s song lyric. When Pete first started dating me he thought it was the coolest skill ever. He could change the channel and I'd be able to sign the next song… but if we went back to the old channel, I knew exactly what word it'd be on.We all should be friends IRL. Come visit Florida ladies.

  3. omginindy says:

    Oh geez, I am the lyric queen. We should have a contest! Maybe we can all get on "Don't forget the lyrics" to see who is the champ! lol. I'm like the random jukebox!

  4. steph c says:

    I am jealous of your talent! I can remember the school stuff but it takes me weeks to memorize a song, or even half of it. Terrible.

  5. Laura says:

    I am the exact same way! My best friend and I have an insane amount of songs memorized.. We both wondered how smart we could be if we filled all of the space currently containing lyrics with useful knowledge. Oh well, I definitely take pride in it too!

  6. Laura Lewis says:

    Pretty sure I talked about Poppy Cock on my Day 19 about talent as well. Loved him.

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