30DBJ: Day 16

A Song That Makes Me Cry

You guys are going to think I’m literally obsessed with RENT. I can’t help it, though! It makes me laugh, makes me cry…gah I love it. The song that can always make me cry is the reprise of “I’ll Cover You.” Collins sings it right after Angel dies. The scene gets me every time. I freaking cried finding a damn YouTube video of it!


I hope that works. If not click here for a video that may not be the best quality, but really captures the raw emotion of the song (it’s a live performance featuring the original Broadway cast. Chills.)

The song isn’t one you’ll hear on the radio, but I can’t help but tear up whenever I hear it.

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5 Responses to 30DBJ: Day 16

  1. Mateya says:

    Great song! I LOVE Rent too! I actually got to see it live in London, it was incredible!

  2. Stacy Marie says:

    Oh I LOVE Rent. My sister took me to see it at the Fox Theatre in St Louis for my birthday one year and wow…the band is right on the stage with the actors, and you don't feel like a freak crying when Angel dies because everyone else in the theatre is doing the same thing!

  3. Mrs. Lopez says:

    OMG that song makes me cry to everytime i hear it and i'm also OBSESSED with that musical!

  4. Hannah says:

    OMG I was listening to this while driving back from St. Augustine on Tuesday and I cried!LOVE IT

  5. Laura Lewis says:

    You KNOW this song makes me cry!

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