30DBJ: Day 6

20 of my favorite things
Twenty is such a random number, right? Can we just assume that Josh, my cats, my mom, my family and my friends are on this list without me actually listing them? Those seem too obvious for me to list. Ok, here goes nothin’:
1. My new city, Bethesda, MD and it’s proximity to the awesomeness that is Washington, DC
2. When I’m having a really good hair day (this happens probably less than 10 days out of the month).
3. Blog comments, good and bad. Although I haven’t received many bad ones, I just appreciate people reading!
4. My iPhone even though the stupid 4G update made it a piece of crap.
5. Summer and hot weather. 
6. Weddings, duh.
7. Make up…can’t leave the house without it!
8. Dancing in my room/the car/the shower/the club.
9. Karaoke!! Not gonna lie, I’m pretty bomb at it.
10. High heels. Not a flats girl at ALL. (Except for flip flops and embellished sandals.)
11. Dressing up. Better to be overdressed than under-dressed!
12. Decorating my apartment/Home Goods.
13. Pasta. Actually, lets just say all carbohydrates and starches. I don’t discriminate.
14. Gay clubs/drag shows. The gays know how to party!
15. Photoshoots in random locations. Bathrooms seem to be a common theme among me and my friends.
16.WINE. Omg how could I almost have forgotten that one!
17. The Real Housewives of Everywhere
18. Actually, let’s just make that every show Bravo produces
19. Making Josh laugh really hard.
20. All of the awesome people I’ve “met” through blogging/Twitter. Never thought I’d have the privilege to be a part of such a great community!
Whew! That was intense.
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2 Responses to 30DBJ: Day 6

  1. Hannah says:

    So jealous about high heels. Sprained my ankle a few weeks back and still can't wear them! So when we say we should be friends IRL I think you and Josh should get your tushes down here to Florida so we can be. I vote Florida because we don't get snow 🙂

  2. Layla says:

    My iPhone is total crap after the 4G update as well! 😦 Boo, Apple.

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