30DBJ: Day 3

Favorite Television Program

This one makes me sad. 
I need to find something new to watch religiously, obsess over, and read recaps about. (Because yes, I was one of those creepy people who read Lost recaps and theories. Don’t judge.)
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2 Responses to 30DBJ: Day 3

  1. SG to SP says:

    I miss Lost too 😦 I was so happy we decided to wait and leave for our honeymoon the Monday after the wedding rather than the day after so we were able to watch the Lost finale. It's the one show my husband and I really enjoyed watching together. Now that show is The Jersey Shore. Much different! haha.

  2. kjpugs says:

    I have never even seen a minute of lost, believe it or not! But our netflix on demand thing on our xbox has the WHOLE SERIES so I think in the winter that might be a definite watch? B watched the first season but it frustrated him too much.

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